To become a dealer of the Symmetry series, all you have to do is fill out the form below and then talk to us. We’d love to explain our dealer programs to you and answer any questions you may have.

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Why Become a Dealer?

It wasn’t that long ago that people felt electric fireplaces weren’t what they wanted in their home. They looked inexpensive, they didn’t sound or look like a real fireplace and they didn’t heat the room. 

With the Symmetry series of electric fireplaces, concerns about electric fireplaces disappear. Symmetry has all the sights and sounds of a real wood burning fire, plus they supply a generous amount of heat.

When you become a Symmetry dealer, you are providing your customers with state-of-the-art quality fireplaces that can be operated via remote control or via WiFi.

And for those customers who want a more modern look, we have media packages that make Symmetry fireplaces look as natural or as modern as they like.  

Install a Symmetry electric fireplace in your showroom and show your customers how the heat can be turned on, or off, and how the glass never gets hot.  You can also show them some of our videos. Here’s a link to one of our dealers video which explains how the look of our Symmetry fireplaces can be changed. There are several of these online. Should you decide to become a dealer, we may have the opportunity to feature your video on our site or on Amantii, our parent site.

When you become an Amantii dealer showcasing the Symmetry line you automatically get access to all the support you need. From marketing materials to installation guides to CAD drawings, we have that for you. We have sales on a regular basis that you can pass along to your customers. You can also contact us by phone or email, whenever you need us. 

Symmetry is a success because of our dealers and we’d love for you to become a part of the Symmetry family.

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SYM-BESPOKE electric fireplacce


DISCLAIMER - Blue Flames
Blue flame lights will no longer be available on units built after July 01, 2021. The blue light has been replaced with a bright yellow, orange and red light combination to offer you a more realistic flame effect. We reserve the right to modify and upgrade our product at any time without prior notice.


Flames and flame colors on the website may appear differently in real life. To view the most accurate representation of the FIRE & ICE® flame and our regular flame sets, please visit your nearest dealer.

We reserve the right to update products, specifications and dimensions are subject to change. Please refer to the product manual to verify measurements and clearance requirements. All local building codes must be followed.